Sunday, February 26, 2012

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UFC 144 Results Benson Henderson the New champ!!

I watched UFC 144 and I really enjoyed some of the fights. The fight between Yushin  Okami vs Tim Boetsch was just entertaining. Since Tim had a great comeback victory not via split decision but via TKO.  Tim Boestch manage to steal Round 3 of there fight and Knocked out Yushin Okami.

Round 1:
Yushing Okami was so sharp and clean on this boxing skills. As he connects and able to hit Tim Boetsch. Yushin Okami manage to wound Tim Boetsch's both cheeks because of solid and sharp straight jab. As Yushin Okami was really doing well in this round almost untouchable and invincible. Yushin Okami finished the round with solid punches, head kicks and vicious knees.

Round 2:
In this round Yushin Okami still dominates as he continues his assault of punches and combined with knee. When both fighters were entangled and Okami manage to take down Tim Boetsch. Tim tried to submit Yushin Okami via guillotine but failed since Okami manage to escape from it. As Yushin Okami finished this round beating down Tim Boetsch with a dominant position on top.

Round 3:
And as early as this round Tim Boetsch was aggressive and was doing well by countering Yushin Okami's punches. And when Tim connected with a strong right punch that connected Yushin Okami. Tim knew he hurted Yushin Okami. And as Okami backs out and uses the octagon space to recover Tim goes for his own assault. While Okami was trying to recover Tim hit him again with a left punch followed with a right straight to the jaw. And then A series of five combo upper cut was unleashed by Tim Boetsch that really rocked Yushin Okami.

And as Yushin Okami pushes back Tim Boetsch. Tim came back with a solid right head kick that landed on Okami's head. And then followed by a right punch again that landed on the Jaw of Okami. And this time Tim made again three straight powerful uppercut's that made Okami collapsed in the corner. And then Tim just assaulted Okami with vicious punches while the referee stopped the fight declaring Tim Boetsch the winner via TKO.

Rampage Jackson vs Ryan Bader

It was clear in this fight that Rampage is really a pure kick boxing MMA athlete. His deadly when it comes to punches but he could not mix it well with some leg kicks and other moves. And with this style Ryan Bader took advantage of that weakness. Ryan Bader also manages to take advantage of the weak legs of Rampage as he keeps hitting with his knee.

As Ryan Bader was successful in his take down attempts and played a ground and pound fight. And this drained all Rampage stamina and cardio. And after 3 rounds of the fight the judges declared Ryan Bader as the winner of the fight via unanimous decision. And this was the 2nd  back to back loss that Rampage has gained and the first time in his career.

Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson

This was a non stop 5 round title fight for both fighters in the lightweight division. But it was Benson Henderson who grabbed the title from Frankie Edgar. And the new Champion for the lightweight division is Benson Henderson.

Frankie Edgar may have unleashed many punches and kicks but it was clear in his face that he has the most damage taken. As his left eye was almost shutdown and so swollen because of the wound. And there were also a lot of turning point were in Henderson was able to capitalize. One was in the second round were in Benson connected with a devastating right up kick. And with that up kick connected in the face of Edgar it made him dazzled and almost got knocked out. And also that nasty take down of Benson followed by a close guillotine choke in round four. But Edgar was able to escape from it.

Mark Hunt vs Cheick Kongo

Brilliant performance for Mark Hunt were in he was just crisps on his punches to Kongo. Mark was able to utilize and land solid punches directly in the face of Kongo. Mark landed a solid left punches in the jaw of Kongo that rocked and knocked kongo down. But Kongo was able to get up quickly after his fall.  And when both fighters again collide Mark Hunt just connected again with two powerful punches in the head. And this time Mark Hunt capitalizes and continued a barrage of punches. The referee then interfered and  stopped the fight declaring Mark Hunt as the winner via TKO.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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UFC 144 this coming February 25, 2012

I am so excited to watch UFC 144 which will happen this coming February 25, 2012. And some good fights are much awaited as Frankie Edgar defends his lightweight title against Ben Henderson. It will be a good fight since both men are really skilled MMA fighters. And both of them can bring a good show inside the octagon.

Another fight that everyone will wait is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Ryan Bader. Another explosive bout and my bet would be on Rampage Jackson. Even if he is a one dimensional fighter were in he focuses more on kick boxing. If he can connect those bombs Ryan Bader will surely be having a bad nightmare inside the octagon. But if Ryan can use his grappling and wrestling skills then Rampage will tap again and lose.