Wednesday, August 21, 2013

No Pain No Spain

At the moment this is the motto for the Smart Gilas Philippine mens basketball team. No Pain No Spain fits well to describe what the team achieved. It was not just a win that the team achieved it was more of a redemption.

The silver prize that felt like gold to best describe the award. For the team winning the match against long rival South Korea was enough to suffice the hunger for vengeance. Since it's been years that the team always comes up short the moment this two teams collide.

Each game would be as exciting and would have a dramatic ending. The Philippine team took and embrace all the pain during that game. They gave all that they have despite having an undersize lineup. All they have was the heart of a relentless competitor who would win it all.

The moment Gilas took the win from South Korea it secured the team a guaranteed spot for the FIBA tournament to be held in Spain in 2014. All the suffering that the team had experienced paid off after earning a chance to play and compete with other top caliber basketball teams around the world.

This would include the Powerhouse USA team and other countries like Argentina, Russia, France, Germany and many more. For the Philippine team they have a year to prepare and a year to practice. And by that moment I hope the team will be at there best.

So see you in Spain Gilas :)


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