Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tracy McGrady retires

One of the most exciting players that played in the NBA and former two time scoring champion Tracy Mcgrady officially retires.

Tracy Mcgrady last played in San Antonio Spurs which he could have earned his first ring if the Spurs won the NBA championship vs the Miami Heat. McGrady was one of those best player that ever played in the league in his generation.

A lot of fans would be excited when McGrady  is playing. Since he could display an onslaught kind of offense and have stellar performance. Among of McGrady's rivals during his era were Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan and a lot of future hall of fame.

McGrady would be one of those guys that would love to compete all night. If his opponent would go a berserk offense he would also top that kind of playing level. He just love to play the game despite his injuries.

McGrady would display offensive arsenals whenever he wanted to take control of a game. Almost all sorts kind of offense McGrady can offer the fans an exciting game every night.  If you watch this guy play you would definitely get the entertainment of basketball. A clutch player and a very competitive athlete that's Tracy Mcgrady.  If not for his injuries Tracy McGrady could have been a champion. 
So thanks for the game TMAC!

Awards and Honors
  • 7x NBA All-Star(2001-2007)
  • NBA most Improved Player(2001)
  • 2x NBA Scoring Champion(2003-2004)
  • 2x NBA First Team(2002-2003)
  • 3x NBA Second Team(2001,2004,2007)
  • 2x NBA Third Team(2005,2005)
  • Gold - FIBA 2003

Some memorable moments 

  • In your face dunk against Shawn Bradley
  • Alley-Oop to himself
And this would be the best ever that I have seen he scored 13 points in 33 seconds


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