Sunday, September 1, 2013

UFC 164 Results: Meet the new lightweight champ Pettis!

Anthony Pettis vs Ben Henderson

Round 1
Both fighters exchanged blows and trade punches. Ben Henderson would be very aggressive to apply pressure to Anthony Pettis as the challenger. Ben would use his techniques like kicking on the calf muscle and pressing Pettis on the cage.

But Anthony Pettis would try to dictate this match. As Pettis would start to connect with crips leg kicks to the body. Pettis would continue hitting Henderson and would start to gain momentum. The moment both fighters would collide in the ground and Henderson on top.

Anthony Pettis would smoothly secure a tight arm bar. Ben Henderson would try to defend and find a way out of it. The fight would be all over as Ben Henderson would say TAPPOUT verbally. The referee would soon interfere and would declare Anthony Pettis as the winner via submission.


The moment the fight would start both fighters would go on a war right away. Ben Henderson as the defending champion would be very aggressive. But Anthony Pettis would not feel any pressure from him as he would show confidence.

Technically Anthony Pettis has the advantage on this match. Based on his striking and the way he hits Henderson. Those leg kicks that Pettis made were purely nasty and the timing was just perfect. Plus he was able to defend his ground and then sneak all the way for an arm bar.

Frank Mir vs Josh Barnett

Round 1
Both fighters would collide immediately and start to trade punches. But Frank Mir would land more significant punches. Frank Mir continues to hit good clean shots inside while they are engaged in a clinch. But as soon as Barnett would gain momentum he would then start to connect his uppercuts and knee strikes

Josh Burning trying to wear down Frank and hits a big elbow to the head. And followed up with a knee to the body. As both fighters are still in clinched Barnett would continue his offense with uppercuts and knees to the body.

And then Barnett would hit a nasty elbow again. Followed by a knee to the head that would hurt Frank Mir. And then the referee would immediately stop the fight declaring Josh Barnett as the winner via TKO.


It was clear the Josh Barnett connected a vicious knee on Frank Mir. But in my own opinion the referee stopped the fight to early. Frank Mir stood immediately and to his consent the fight was over. Based on the replay Frank Mir was rocked but he quickly recovered from it.

The referee did a bad call on this one since it was just too early for the fight to be stopped. Frank Mir could not even believe the moment he knew the fight was over. Frank Mir experienced this kind of situation before.

The fight against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was the same scenario. Frank Mir got hurt badly but was able to recover after seconds and then broke Noggueira's arm via Kimura.

This was really a bad call for the referee to stop the fight to early.

Brandon Vera vs Ben Rothwell

Round 1
Brandon Vera was doing great doing all sorts kind of combinations. As he eludes and evades  the counter attacks of Ben Rothwell. Vera connected with a clean straight punch and also landed a picture perfect leg kick to the body of Rothwell. Brandon Vera also made a good punch to the jaw but in the late seconds he got accidentally kicked below the belt.

Round 2
When the round started both fighters exchange blows. Ben Rothwell would be aggressive in this round as he continues to attack Vera. But Brandon Vera would also start to hit some counter attacks.
Brandon Vera would use his knees to neutralize Rothwell. And would also mix his attacks by hitting head kicks and elbows.

Round 3
Ben Rothwell would open up this round connecting a good body kick to Vera. Ben Rothwell would somehow unleash more aggression on Brandon Vera. And this time Ben would berserk all his attacks. Ben would fury a series of punches and kicks combined with knees. Uppercuts would start to connect and then another knee that would hurt Vera badly. The referee noticed that Vera could not defend himself anymore and stopped the fight.

Brandon Vera did an excellent job on the first 2 rounds. He was attacking with accuracy and having patience with his offensive arsenal. On the other hand Ben was just relentless and a though opponent for Vera.

Ben would absorb all Vera's attack and would keep coming forward and be more aggressive. Vera was more quick and had speed advantage against Rothwell. But the moment Rothwell would clinch and hit Vera. Ben would hit him as hard as he can that would hurt Vera.

Ben did a great job on the final round which he went it all out. He just spread his attacks and from there Ben would outrage Vera and knocked him out.


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