Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Miguel Cotto Predictions

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Miguel Cotto is an great match were in both fighters possess the top quality skills of boxing. And also this would be one of those awaited match in the history of boxing. As the undefeated Mayweather would defend his unblemished record against one of the best boxers in the light middle weight division. And Miguel Cotto would defend his WBA Super light middleweight title against Mayweather Jr.

The fight would happen on May 5,2012 on Las Vegas Nevada

Tale of the tape:
Floyd Mayweather                        Miguel Cotto
Age: 35                                         Age:31
height: 5'8                                    height: 5'7
Reach: 72"                                   Reach: 67"

Both fighters are seemingly close with it comes to statistics. But Miguel Cotto has the youth advantage over Mayweather. While Floyd has the reach advantage also against Miguel Cotto.


Both fighters display great awareness on each other. They would recognize each presence in the early rounds. Miguel Cotto would still use that basic jab punches of him which is also a good tool and advantage for him. Cotto has great Jab punch compared to Mayweather based on the fights that they have. But Floyd will also rely on this quickness and speed to counter Cotto's attack and also evade them.

If Cotto can't knock out Floyd Mayweather Jr or have a very dominating performance.Then the fight would go to distance and it would end up into the hands of the judges.  But if Cotto could build that momentum and Floyd would also exchange punches then it's gonna be a very entertaining match to watch.  Floyd has to be careful also since Cotto has great defense and attack power. While Cotto has to be aware of those sneaky punches and counter hooks that Floyd will also use against him.


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