Saturday, April 21, 2012

UFC 145 Results Jon Jones Retains Championship Title.

Round 1: 
 Rashad was compose on this round as he keeps landing those jabs to Jone Jones. And as Rashad contines to land those jabs Jones also utilizes his range to counter attack Evans. Jon Jones could not land those elbows as he finds and measures his range.

 Round 2:
 In this round Jon Jones dominated it with vicious elbows. As he accurate land them on the face of Rashad Evans. As both fighters keep on holding each others hands. Jon Jones would take the advantage of his quickness and land those nasty elbows again.

 Round 3: 
 In the start of the round Evans landed a strong right hand to jones. As jones was not bothered and was not struck. Since Jones recovered from that hit that Evans landed. Evans keeps throwing those jabs. While Jones answers with vicious elbows and knees. And then Jones would land a strong left kick to the body of Evans. And just 30 seconds remaining Jones would land a front kick to Rashad.

 Round 4:

 Still both fighters are very careful with there moves and attacks. As Jon Jones continues to use his range advantage. And Evans would also keep sticking to his jab attacks. But Rashad is slowing down and Jon Jones realizes that. Jones is still careful in his attacks and still uses his range against Evans.

 Round 5:
 In this round Rashad looks tired and exhausted and it's clear that Jon Jones is dominating it. As he continues to play on Rashad and uses the octagon space perfectly. While Rashad seems out of gas as his conditioning drops down. Rashad lost his momentum and struggles to land some good combinations.


Eddie Yagin wins over Mark Hominick = Split Decision

Round 1:
Eddie Yagin was vicious with his opponent Mark Hominick. And it all started when Eddie Yagin landed a strong big right hand to Mark Hominick that made Mark wobbled a bit. And then it was followed with a vicious upper cut plus a left cross that knocked out Mark Hominick. As soon as Eddie realizes his enemy got hurt he immediately capitalizes the situation and pound Mark. But Hominick would soon recover and get up as the end of round.

Round 2:
In the middle minutes of this round Eddie Yagin would again land a big right hand on the head of Mark Hominick. And the Eddie would swarm again and do some assault and when both fighters were up. Eddie Yagin would land a spinning kick on the head of Mark Hominick. And in the dying minutes of the round Mark would find his rhythm and make some accurate punches to Yagin's face. And this Mark's late accurate punches would bust and wreck Eddie Yagin's nose. As both fighters would end the round with bloody faces.

Round 3:
Mark Hominick made some come back in this round but Eddie Yagin also established composure. As both fighters bring all what they got for the last 5 minutes of this round. Mark somehow find some up beat rhythm and tempo. Eddie Yagin also landed great one two punches on Mark Hominick. And the round would end with Eddie Yagin having a bloody mess face.

Ben Rothwell Tko Brendan Schaub

Round 1:
Ben Rothwell would unleash and make some counter punches to knock out Brendan Schaub. When both fighters went into a clinch Brendan Schaub landed powerful upper cuts. And then Brendan would land another right spinning elbow that wobbled Ben Rothwell. As Brendad approaches to swarm his attacks both fighters would exchange and trade punches. But it would be Ben Rothwell that would land hard left hook on Schaub. When the referee saw that Brendan Schaub was out Herb Dean would interfere and stop the fight declaring Rothwell the winner via TKO.


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