Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shawn Kemp vs Blake Griffin

I have read contents and articles regarding Shawn Kemp compared to Blake Griffin. And this hobbled my mind since both of them are quite spectacular to watch.

Well as far as I have witnessed on both players playing style. Shawn Kemp shouldn't be compared to Blake Griffin. Kemp was more of an explosive dunker. Shawn "The Reignman" Kemp would go airborne the moment Gary Payton would toss that ball.

And as a spectator you don't wanna blink when the ball is up in the air. Since Shawn Kemp would get that ball and throw it down on the ring with tenacity. Shawn Kemp was also a dominant offensive and defensive player.

Blake can dunk yes no doubt. He can finish his dunks tremendously and with power. But Shawn Kemp it's totally different. Kemp would finish it with authority over his defenders.

Kemp plays well with his team at the same time providing that explosiveness for both offense and defense. But Kemp's edge over Blake Griffin was his relentless style. Kemp would get those offensive rebounds and punch it hard to score.

Blake Griffin is also a good dunker but you can see the gap between the two. Blake has a lot to develop when it comes to defense. Griffin can also throw that tomahawk dunk with style. But when you see Kemp do it it's just totally different.

Shawn Kemp also also ridiculous vertical leap. Kemp also uses his leaping ability to block and defy shots from others. Or the other way around Kemp would use it in grabbing offensive rebounds.
Shawn Kemp was a more dynamic player since he was quicker.

Shawn Kemp's ability to throw those power dunks was just unbelievable. When you see Blake Griffin dunking on people and you are amazed. So much more if you try watching Shawn Kemp dunking in your face with defenders.

And this two athlete's shouldn't even be compared. When you try to differentiate both of them during their prime. I would say Shawn Kemp would be the one dominating.

And also Seattle Supersonics was the original lob city.


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