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Shogun Rua TKO Brandon Vera. Lyoto Machida TKO Ryan Bader

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs Brandon "The Truth" Vera

It was one of those nights were MMA fans would love to see how this MMA superstars would battle it out. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua battled out with a veteran Brandon "The Truth" Vera on UFC Fox. Both Fighters went back and forth and showed how badly they want to win.

Round 1:
Both fighters wasted no time in trying to exchange blows and punches. Brandon Vera immediately showcased his technical kicks while Shogun made some solid punches. Brandon Vera attempted a guillotine choke that could have been a huge win if he was able to successfully made it. But Rua was relentless and worked out his defense.

Round 2:
Again both fighters keep exchanging blows and hits to each other. But Shogun would connect most and hard on Brandon Vera. As Shogun would keep hitting Brandon Vera's face but Vera would also have his own counter attacks. From head kicks to vicious elbows that would wear out Shogun Rua. Brandon Vera would show Rua how to kick from body up to the head. As Shogun was extremely exhausted and would somehow we taken down at the late minutes of the round.

Round 3:
With a bloody eyes Brandon Vera is still relentless and would continue to fight Shougn Rua since he has that momentum going on. But Shogun Rua is ready for a war and would do more damage on Brandon Vera. From elbows to kicks and some uppercuts Rua would connect. Shogun Rua would even outmatched Vera
when it comes to punches. Mean while Brandon Vera's defense would be great as he would defend him self
from the take down that Shogun Rua would attempt.

Round 4:
Both fighters are extremely tired and exhausted but they are still on rage. Brandon Vera would connect some series of good combinations. From punches mixed with leg kicks finishing it with a knee to the body and head. Vera was determined to win as he continues his assault by his impressive combinations. But Mauricio Shogun Rua would have a big heart and would fight back. As Mauricio Shogun Rua established some hard punches that would accurately hit Vera. From the last minutes of the round Rua would connect devastating blows and when Vera was hurt Rua capitalized. As the referee seen enough about the ravage of Rua the fight was interfered declaring Rua as the winner via TKO.


This was an impressive win for Shogun Rua. Since he shows tenacity and improving his cardio since he went up to 4 rounds. Based on this fight Shogun Rua was really on this one were in he was able to dominate Brandon Vera when it comes to striking.

Brandon Vera on the other hand also had a great game plan. Those sick combinations throwing one to three punches finished with leg kicks was just awesome. But Shogun Rua was just too much for Vera were in Shogun would unleash his striking arsenal.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was really something else on this fight and I can say he also improve his stamina. At the same time more of an accurate striker.

Lyoto Machida vs Ryan Bader.

Lyoto "The Dragon"  Machida won the game as impressive as he can be. As Ryan Bader could not figure out how to match and hit the quick Machida. Machida would hit Bader from his quick punches and kicks. And Machida would also be illusive enough to avoid the attack that Bader would attemp.

Machida is quick enough to evade and also have his defense up the moment that Bader would attempt a take down. And then confuse Ryan Bader with some punch and leg kick combinations. Machida look good on that fight by which he was able to implement his game plan. On the second round Bader took off and attempted to harass Machida.

But it was a wrong move for Bader as he was a bit of desperate. When Machida releases that Bader is coming for a full attack swing. Machida just capitalizes and found a weak spot that he hit an accurate punch on Ryan Bader's face. This caused Bader to collapsed and Machida just sworn his hammer first on Bader. The referee them stopped Lyoto and declared him the winner of the fight.


Ryan Bader lost his patience and composure and he just ran into something that caused him the consequences. He ran into Machida's elusive trap and got hit hard with a dart punch. Machida's timing was perfect as this caused Ryan to collapsed and was seemingly unconscious while hitting the canvass.

However the biggest mistake that Ryan Bader had done was to fight Machida on stand. He could have grappled his way and attempted to take down Lyoto. And then bring the fight on the ground since he has a good ground and pound game.

Well with this fight I bet Machida would have another title shot on Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight belt. Which Jon Jones is still successful defending it over elite and former champions.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

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UFC 148 Anderson Silva TKO Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva is still the undisputed UFC pound for pound middleweight champion after he stopped Chael Sonnen on the 2nd round. Silva won the match via TKO after he demonstrated great defense and determination to dominate over his enemy.

Round 1
Chael was aggressive and was very successful in taking down the champion Anderson Silva to the ground. Sonnen established himself and stick to the plan of grounding and pounding Silva. The whole round 1 it was Sonnen who dominated it as he wrestled and took round 1.

Round 2
Silva changed his strategy and improved his defense by denying Chael Sonnen's take down attempts. He was very successful and both fighters traded some punches and kicks. Chael Sonnen attempted some take down again on Silva but the champ succeeded in defending it. When Sonnen missed a strong turning fist attack on Silva that caught him out balanced. Silva knew it was the chance he would strike and build momentum.

As Sonnen was trying to recover from his balance Silva was going after him to release some assault attacks. Silva managed to connect and was starting to build momentum with berserk punches and kicks. Sonnen could not handle it and went down to the canvass were Silva poured more attacks on his head. And then the referee interfered and stopped the fight declaring Silva the winner.


Chael Sonnen lost his game plan and was in a hurry. He could have come up with a better approach and that caused him a miserable mistake. Plus Silva easily predicted his attack so that's why Silva easily evaded it. Sonnen would have won if he was not that careless since Silva is really tricky.

Silva on the other hand is still invisible when it comes to this weight division. He easily eludes and evades all kinds of attacks that the enemy is throwing at him. At the same time Silva would gave his enemy a taste of his counter striking. Silva's striking attack is one of the best in UFC since it's very accurate and destructive.

Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffin

The fight of the night went to both Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin as they fight for the third time of there UFC careers. The hall of famer Tito Ortiz showed he has still that relentless attacks and pro take downs that he successfully applied of Forrest Griffin. Tito was able to take down Forrest Griffin on the early rounds.

But Forrest was just relentless as he was and would connect with punches and leg kicks. Tito also caught Forrest Griffin with rocking punches that wobbled Griffin. But Griffin was just as tough as he could ever be. There were some occasions that Ortiz would connect with solid punches that rocked Griffin.

And on the later rounds both fighters would exchange attacks but it was Griffin who was more aggressive and would landed more shots. As the fight continues Griffin keep establishing himself with those significant attacks. When the fight went to distance and was on the scoring card it was Forrest Griffin who would win the match via unanimous decision.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

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Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley

Another one of the most anticipated  and most awaited fight from the pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao is going in the ring against undefeated Timothy Bradley on June 09,2012 at MGM Nevada Las Vegas.

This is one of the biggest fight for Timothy Bradley and another day at the office for Manny Pacquiao whose on an impressive winning streak since 2005.

Fight analysis.

Manny Pacquiao:

Fist Brawl
If Timothy Bradley would brawl and would join Pacquiao in a slug fest for sure he won't see those punches coming. Since we all know Manny Pacquiao is capable of unleashing those combination of punches almost all sorts of angles.  And Manny could go up to twelve rounds of non stop action so this is his advantage over Bradley.

Since we saw Manny Pacquiao exploding with tremendous speed of punches. He is capable of establishing a berserk kind of attack to his opponents. Especially if he realizes that his enemy is on a bad situation. Manny just unleashes those fist of fury punches to land and beat his enemies.

Manny Pacquiao has certainly a lot of experience with it comes to boxing. He fought a lot of tough opponents. From Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, Shane Mosley, Oscar Dela Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez and at lot more.

A lot of boxers have seen this in Manny Pacquiao's fight and some of them just went down the canvass after Pacquiao successfully landed those big shots. And Pacquiao has power on both of his hands so this what makes him deadly.

Timothy Bradley

Timothy has nothing to lose in this fight this is one of those moments he has to step up and accept the challenge. And he has to realize that it's once in a life time match so he should be inspired and have full confidence that he can defeat a living legend.

Timothy Bradley has also some knockout power punches. And he normally waits for this moment to come and then just explode those power bombs from his hands.

Clever and Defense
Timothy can dodge and evade some attacks from his opponents and his is one of this advantage. He also has good defense by which he can out stand some abuse and power attacks from his opponents.

Timothy is much younger than Pacquiao so this is also an advantage for him were in he has that gas and stamina to go and fight Pacquiao.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

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UFC 147 Results

Frank Mir Vs Junior Dos Santos

Round 1
Frank Mir was in great rhythm as he was able to hit Junior Dos Santos with heavy left leg kicks. And also Frank Mir attempted to take down Dos Santos in the early minutes but failed to do so. But in the dying minutes Dos Santos landed a strong body shot and also a strong right hand in the face of Frank Mir that wobbled Mir. And as soon as Dos Santos realize he hurt Mir he unleashed some strong and heavy punch combinations.

Round 2
In this round it was clear that Junior Dos Santos was all warmed up and full of deadly strikes to unleash. But Frank Mir was though as he can ever be. As the champ showcase his vicious power strikes that caught Frank Mir lying in the canvass several times. And in dying minutes Dos Santos landed another strong punch and took advantage of the hurt Mir. The referee then immediately interfere and declared Dos Santos as the winner via TKO. And Junior Dos Santos is still the UFC Heavyweight champion.

Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Silva - TKO

Round 1
Cain Velasquez was making a statement that he is still one of those quick and deadly heavyweights in his division. And also Cain quickly established himself by successfully taking down Antonio Silva. When both fighters were in the ground Cain continued his ground and pound strategy. Cain managed to cut Silva in the eye that caused a serious bleeding. As the round continues more blood was getting out from the cut and wound of Silva. The referee had to stop and check Silva's condition and the doctor on Silva's side propose to continue the fight.

When the fight resumes Velasquez continues his ground and pound punishment on Silva. And when Antonio Silva was caught with two straight punches that landed in his face he could not defend himself any more. And when Velasquez capitalized on that scene pouring more punches the referee then interfere and stopped the fight. The referee declared Cain Velasquez as the winner via TKO.

Lavar Johnson vs Stefan Sturve - Arm Bar Submission

Round 1
When Lavar was being attacked with vicious power from Stefan Sturve he kept his defense and composure. And a soon as he was able to gain control of the fight Lavar then established his plans by taking down Stefan in the ground. And Lavar slowly implemented his technique and caught Stefan with an armbar that Lavar broke it.

Nelson vs Herman - TKO

Round 1

Herman was using his range by setting up range kicks he tries to stay away from Roy Nelson. But Roy Nelson is also measuring his distance and power by anticipating and calculating his moves. When the clock hits 4:11 Roy Nelson landed a strong right hand punch in the head of Herman. And immediately this was the turning point and resulted to a great TKO win by Nelson. As soon as Herman was caught on that huge right hand. Herman's legs was just out of power and was almost unconscious when he received that power punch from Nelson.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Miguel Cotto Predictions

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Miguel Cotto is an great match were in both fighters possess the top quality skills of boxing. And also this would be one of those awaited match in the history of boxing. As the undefeated Mayweather would defend his unblemished record against one of the best boxers in the light middle weight division. And Miguel Cotto would defend his WBA Super light middleweight title against Mayweather Jr.

The fight would happen on May 5,2012 on Las Vegas Nevada

Tale of the tape:
Floyd Mayweather                        Miguel Cotto
Age: 35                                         Age:31
height: 5'8                                    height: 5'7
Reach: 72"                                   Reach: 67"

Both fighters are seemingly close with it comes to statistics. But Miguel Cotto has the youth advantage over Mayweather. While Floyd has the reach advantage also against Miguel Cotto.


Both fighters display great awareness on each other. They would recognize each presence in the early rounds. Miguel Cotto would still use that basic jab punches of him which is also a good tool and advantage for him. Cotto has great Jab punch compared to Mayweather based on the fights that they have. But Floyd will also rely on this quickness and speed to counter Cotto's attack and also evade them.

If Cotto can't knock out Floyd Mayweather Jr or have a very dominating performance.Then the fight would go to distance and it would end up into the hands of the judges.  But if Cotto could build that momentum and Floyd would also exchange punches then it's gonna be a very entertaining match to watch.  Floyd has to be careful also since Cotto has great defense and attack power. While Cotto has to be aware of those sneaky punches and counter hooks that Floyd will also use against him.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

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UFC 145 Results Jon Jones Retains Championship Title.

Round 1: 
 Rashad was compose on this round as he keeps landing those jabs to Jone Jones. And as Rashad contines to land those jabs Jones also utilizes his range to counter attack Evans. Jon Jones could not land those elbows as he finds and measures his range.

 Round 2:
 In this round Jon Jones dominated it with vicious elbows. As he accurate land them on the face of Rashad Evans. As both fighters keep on holding each others hands. Jon Jones would take the advantage of his quickness and land those nasty elbows again.

 Round 3: 
 In the start of the round Evans landed a strong right hand to jones. As jones was not bothered and was not struck. Since Jones recovered from that hit that Evans landed. Evans keeps throwing those jabs. While Jones answers with vicious elbows and knees. And then Jones would land a strong left kick to the body of Evans. And just 30 seconds remaining Jones would land a front kick to Rashad.

 Round 4:

 Still both fighters are very careful with there moves and attacks. As Jon Jones continues to use his range advantage. And Evans would also keep sticking to his jab attacks. But Rashad is slowing down and Jon Jones realizes that. Jones is still careful in his attacks and still uses his range against Evans.

 Round 5:
 In this round Rashad looks tired and exhausted and it's clear that Jon Jones is dominating it. As he continues to play on Rashad and uses the octagon space perfectly. While Rashad seems out of gas as his conditioning drops down. Rashad lost his momentum and struggles to land some good combinations.


Eddie Yagin wins over Mark Hominick = Split Decision

Round 1:
Eddie Yagin was vicious with his opponent Mark Hominick. And it all started when Eddie Yagin landed a strong big right hand to Mark Hominick that made Mark wobbled a bit. And then it was followed with a vicious upper cut plus a left cross that knocked out Mark Hominick. As soon as Eddie realizes his enemy got hurt he immediately capitalizes the situation and pound Mark. But Hominick would soon recover and get up as the end of round.

Round 2:
In the middle minutes of this round Eddie Yagin would again land a big right hand on the head of Mark Hominick. And the Eddie would swarm again and do some assault and when both fighters were up. Eddie Yagin would land a spinning kick on the head of Mark Hominick. And in the dying minutes of the round Mark would find his rhythm and make some accurate punches to Yagin's face. And this Mark's late accurate punches would bust and wreck Eddie Yagin's nose. As both fighters would end the round with bloody faces.

Round 3:
Mark Hominick made some come back in this round but Eddie Yagin also established composure. As both fighters bring all what they got for the last 5 minutes of this round. Mark somehow find some up beat rhythm and tempo. Eddie Yagin also landed great one two punches on Mark Hominick. And the round would end with Eddie Yagin having a bloody mess face.

Ben Rothwell Tko Brendan Schaub

Round 1:
Ben Rothwell would unleash and make some counter punches to knock out Brendan Schaub. When both fighters went into a clinch Brendan Schaub landed powerful upper cuts. And then Brendan would land another right spinning elbow that wobbled Ben Rothwell. As Brendad approaches to swarm his attacks both fighters would exchange and trade punches. But it would be Ben Rothwell that would land hard left hook on Schaub. When the referee saw that Brendan Schaub was out Herb Dean would interfere and stop the fight declaring Rothwell the winner via TKO.

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UFC 145 Rashad Evans vs Jon Jones

UFC 145 will happen this april 21, 2012 at Philips Arena Atlanta Georgia. Were the light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will defend his title for the 3rd time against former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans. This event will be one of the biggest light heavyweight fight for Jon Jones. And he is on a winning streak after defeating elite fighters in the light heavyweight divisions. Jones was able to defeat Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and the latest was Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida.

Jon Jones is gonna go continue his winning and defending his streak. Rashad Evans maybe considered as an underdog but he has the experience to beat Jones. If Rashad will win this match he will be once again the light heavyweight champion of UFC.

Another good undercard matches that you don't wanna miss are:

  • Brendan Schaub vs Ben Rothwell =  heavyweight bout
  • Mark Hominick vs Eddi Yagin. = Featherweight bout.

Monday, April 16, 2012

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Brian Stann KO Alessio Sakara.

Brian Stann won another impressive victory on UFC fuel in Sweden against Alessio Sakara. Stann Landed a vicious punch in the middle of the first round. And that punch landed to serve Alessio Sakara a knock out. Stann immediately noticed that he hit hard on his opponent and he stopped right away. While the referee was fast approaching to stop the fight and check on the condition of Alessio Sakara.

Brian Stann made a good momentum when the fight started. He connected with some series of punches and kicks. While Alessio Sakara also managed to counter some attacks made by Stann. But it would be Brian who would continue to dominate as he landed excellent knees in the face of Sakara. The moment Stann made a clinch and succeeded in throwing those knees that was the moment Sakara was in trouble. After several knee attempts Sakara was caught down and Stann immediately capitalize and moved to a dominant position.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

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AJ Banal tko Raul Hidalgo in first Round!

AJ "Bazooka" Banal Knockout his opponent late in the first round to win an impressive victory on Pinoy Pride XIII held in cebu city waterfront hotel and casino. Banal managed to avoid the punch of Hidalgo and quickly countered a left strong punch that shattered the defense of Hildago. With that powerful hit Hidalgo shivered and had in voluntary moment which was obvious.

And Hildalgo's instinct to fight back was not enough to save him from Banal's fury. When the referee saw the situation of Hidalgo the referee immediately interfere and stopped the fight. Declaring AJ Banal as the winner via TKO.

With this very impressive win Banal's next fight would be a title shot. Since he is really ripe for a title match with great contenders out there in his weight category.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Thiago Alves Loses to Martin Kampman( Late round Come back! )

Another great comeback win that happened in the Thiago Alves vs Martin Kampman fight. After Thiago "pitbull" Alves dominated almost the entire round of there fight with Martin Kampman. Which resulted to a steal show victory.

Round 1:
Martin Kampman was able to connect a frontal kick similar to an upper cut. And the kick landed in the jaw of Thiago Alves that the pitbull got hurt. The kick was similar to Anderson Silva against Vitor Belfort. But Alves managed to recover quickly and managed to take down Kampman. Alves stayed in a dominant position and ended the first round strong.

Round 2:
In this round Martin Kampman was a bit slow since he really got drained in the first round. Kampman was in a bad position almost all minutes of round 1. So during this round he was a bit slower and Alves took advantage of this situation. Alves was able to defend the take down that Kampman tries. At the same time able to land solid kicks and punches to Martin Kampman. And also in this round Thiago Alves landed a big right hand that nodded Kampman ending the round with a bloody face.

Round 3:
In this round both fighters were feeling for each others momentum. As both fighters able to land and connect there combinations. But it was still Thiago Alves who would land and make most of his punches and kicks to Kampman. And Alves would be able to defend himself from the take down attempts again. This round Alves looks solid as he just frustrates and wears down his enemy since his footwork does well for him.

And when the clock hits 1:04 Thiago Alves hits some combination's including a solid right that rocked Kampman. And then Alves capitalizes the unleashing a right head kick and some series of punches. But when Alves tries to take down his opponent, Kampman just locked his guillotine on Alves. And the guillotine was so tight that it caused Thiago Alves to tap out.

This fight was more like of Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Were in Nogueira was able to hurt Frank Mir with solid punches and them attempted a take down to win via submission. Not realizing that he could win the fight via TKO. And eventually he would lose to Frank Mir and would have a bigger consequences sine MIR broke his arm via Kimura Submission.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

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UFC 144 Results Benson Henderson the New champ!!

I watched UFC 144 and I really enjoyed some of the fights. The fight between Yushin  Okami vs Tim Boetsch was just entertaining. Since Tim had a great comeback victory not via split decision but via TKO.  Tim Boestch manage to steal Round 3 of there fight and Knocked out Yushin Okami.

Round 1:
Yushing Okami was so sharp and clean on this boxing skills. As he connects and able to hit Tim Boetsch. Yushin Okami manage to wound Tim Boetsch's both cheeks because of solid and sharp straight jab. As Yushin Okami was really doing well in this round almost untouchable and invincible. Yushin Okami finished the round with solid punches, head kicks and vicious knees.

Round 2:
In this round Yushin Okami still dominates as he continues his assault of punches and combined with knee. When both fighters were entangled and Okami manage to take down Tim Boetsch. Tim tried to submit Yushin Okami via guillotine but failed since Okami manage to escape from it. As Yushin Okami finished this round beating down Tim Boetsch with a dominant position on top.

Round 3:
And as early as this round Tim Boetsch was aggressive and was doing well by countering Yushin Okami's punches. And when Tim connected with a strong right punch that connected Yushin Okami. Tim knew he hurted Yushin Okami. And as Okami backs out and uses the octagon space to recover Tim goes for his own assault. While Okami was trying to recover Tim hit him again with a left punch followed with a right straight to the jaw. And then A series of five combo upper cut was unleashed by Tim Boetsch that really rocked Yushin Okami.

And as Yushin Okami pushes back Tim Boetsch. Tim came back with a solid right head kick that landed on Okami's head. And then followed by a right punch again that landed on the Jaw of Okami. And this time Tim made again three straight powerful uppercut's that made Okami collapsed in the corner. And then Tim just assaulted Okami with vicious punches while the referee stopped the fight declaring Tim Boetsch the winner via TKO.

Rampage Jackson vs Ryan Bader

It was clear in this fight that Rampage is really a pure kick boxing MMA athlete. His deadly when it comes to punches but he could not mix it well with some leg kicks and other moves. And with this style Ryan Bader took advantage of that weakness. Ryan Bader also manages to take advantage of the weak legs of Rampage as he keeps hitting with his knee.

As Ryan Bader was successful in his take down attempts and played a ground and pound fight. And this drained all Rampage stamina and cardio. And after 3 rounds of the fight the judges declared Ryan Bader as the winner of the fight via unanimous decision. And this was the 2nd  back to back loss that Rampage has gained and the first time in his career.

Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson

This was a non stop 5 round title fight for both fighters in the lightweight division. But it was Benson Henderson who grabbed the title from Frankie Edgar. And the new Champion for the lightweight division is Benson Henderson.

Frankie Edgar may have unleashed many punches and kicks but it was clear in his face that he has the most damage taken. As his left eye was almost shutdown and so swollen because of the wound. And there were also a lot of turning point were in Henderson was able to capitalize. One was in the second round were in Benson connected with a devastating right up kick. And with that up kick connected in the face of Edgar it made him dazzled and almost got knocked out. And also that nasty take down of Benson followed by a close guillotine choke in round four. But Edgar was able to escape from it.

Mark Hunt vs Cheick Kongo

Brilliant performance for Mark Hunt were in he was just crisps on his punches to Kongo. Mark was able to utilize and land solid punches directly in the face of Kongo. Mark landed a solid left punches in the jaw of Kongo that rocked and knocked kongo down. But Kongo was able to get up quickly after his fall.  And when both fighters again collide Mark Hunt just connected again with two powerful punches in the head. And this time Mark Hunt capitalizes and continued a barrage of punches. The referee then interfered and  stopped the fight declaring Mark Hunt as the winner via TKO.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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UFC 144 this coming February 25, 2012

I am so excited to watch UFC 144 which will happen this coming February 25, 2012. And some good fights are much awaited as Frankie Edgar defends his lightweight title against Ben Henderson. It will be a good fight since both men are really skilled MMA fighters. And both of them can bring a good show inside the octagon.

Another fight that everyone will wait is Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Ryan Bader. Another explosive bout and my bet would be on Rampage Jackson. Even if he is a one dimensional fighter were in he focuses more on kick boxing. If he can connect those bombs Ryan Bader will surely be having a bad nightmare inside the octagon. But if Ryan can use his grappling and wrestling skills then Rampage will tap again and lose.