Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thiago Alves Loses to Martin Kampman( Late round Come back! )

Another great comeback win that happened in the Thiago Alves vs Martin Kampman fight. After Thiago "pitbull" Alves dominated almost the entire round of there fight with Martin Kampman. Which resulted to a steal show victory.

Round 1:
Martin Kampman was able to connect a frontal kick similar to an upper cut. And the kick landed in the jaw of Thiago Alves that the pitbull got hurt. The kick was similar to Anderson Silva against Vitor Belfort. But Alves managed to recover quickly and managed to take down Kampman. Alves stayed in a dominant position and ended the first round strong.

Round 2:
In this round Martin Kampman was a bit slow since he really got drained in the first round. Kampman was in a bad position almost all minutes of round 1. So during this round he was a bit slower and Alves took advantage of this situation. Alves was able to defend the take down that Kampman tries. At the same time able to land solid kicks and punches to Martin Kampman. And also in this round Thiago Alves landed a big right hand that nodded Kampman ending the round with a bloody face.

Round 3:
In this round both fighters were feeling for each others momentum. As both fighters able to land and connect there combinations. But it was still Thiago Alves who would land and make most of his punches and kicks to Kampman. And Alves would be able to defend himself from the take down attempts again. This round Alves looks solid as he just frustrates and wears down his enemy since his footwork does well for him.

And when the clock hits 1:04 Thiago Alves hits some combination's including a solid right that rocked Kampman. And then Alves capitalizes the unleashing a right head kick and some series of punches. But when Alves tries to take down his opponent, Kampman just locked his guillotine on Alves. And the guillotine was so tight that it caused Thiago Alves to tap out.

This fight was more like of Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Were in Nogueira was able to hurt Frank Mir with solid punches and them attempted a take down to win via submission. Not realizing that he could win the fight via TKO. And eventually he would lose to Frank Mir and would have a bigger consequences sine MIR broke his arm via Kimura Submission.


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