Sunday, August 5, 2012

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Shogun Rua TKO Brandon Vera. Lyoto Machida TKO Ryan Bader

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs Brandon "The Truth" Vera

It was one of those nights were MMA fans would love to see how this MMA superstars would battle it out. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua battled out with a veteran Brandon "The Truth" Vera on UFC Fox. Both Fighters went back and forth and showed how badly they want to win.

Round 1:
Both fighters wasted no time in trying to exchange blows and punches. Brandon Vera immediately showcased his technical kicks while Shogun made some solid punches. Brandon Vera attempted a guillotine choke that could have been a huge win if he was able to successfully made it. But Rua was relentless and worked out his defense.

Round 2:
Again both fighters keep exchanging blows and hits to each other. But Shogun would connect most and hard on Brandon Vera. As Shogun would keep hitting Brandon Vera's face but Vera would also have his own counter attacks. From head kicks to vicious elbows that would wear out Shogun Rua. Brandon Vera would show Rua how to kick from body up to the head. As Shogun was extremely exhausted and would somehow we taken down at the late minutes of the round.

Round 3:
With a bloody eyes Brandon Vera is still relentless and would continue to fight Shougn Rua since he has that momentum going on. But Shogun Rua is ready for a war and would do more damage on Brandon Vera. From elbows to kicks and some uppercuts Rua would connect. Shogun Rua would even outmatched Vera
when it comes to punches. Mean while Brandon Vera's defense would be great as he would defend him self
from the take down that Shogun Rua would attempt.

Round 4:
Both fighters are extremely tired and exhausted but they are still on rage. Brandon Vera would connect some series of good combinations. From punches mixed with leg kicks finishing it with a knee to the body and head. Vera was determined to win as he continues his assault by his impressive combinations. But Mauricio Shogun Rua would have a big heart and would fight back. As Mauricio Shogun Rua established some hard punches that would accurately hit Vera. From the last minutes of the round Rua would connect devastating blows and when Vera was hurt Rua capitalized. As the referee seen enough about the ravage of Rua the fight was interfered declaring Rua as the winner via TKO.


This was an impressive win for Shogun Rua. Since he shows tenacity and improving his cardio since he went up to 4 rounds. Based on this fight Shogun Rua was really on this one were in he was able to dominate Brandon Vera when it comes to striking.

Brandon Vera on the other hand also had a great game plan. Those sick combinations throwing one to three punches finished with leg kicks was just awesome. But Shogun Rua was just too much for Vera were in Shogun would unleash his striking arsenal.

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua was really something else on this fight and I can say he also improve his stamina. At the same time more of an accurate striker.

Lyoto Machida vs Ryan Bader.

Lyoto "The Dragon"  Machida won the game as impressive as he can be. As Ryan Bader could not figure out how to match and hit the quick Machida. Machida would hit Bader from his quick punches and kicks. And Machida would also be illusive enough to avoid the attack that Bader would attemp.

Machida is quick enough to evade and also have his defense up the moment that Bader would attempt a take down. And then confuse Ryan Bader with some punch and leg kick combinations. Machida look good on that fight by which he was able to implement his game plan. On the second round Bader took off and attempted to harass Machida.

But it was a wrong move for Bader as he was a bit of desperate. When Machida releases that Bader is coming for a full attack swing. Machida just capitalizes and found a weak spot that he hit an accurate punch on Ryan Bader's face. This caused Bader to collapsed and Machida just sworn his hammer first on Bader. The referee them stopped Lyoto and declared him the winner of the fight.


Ryan Bader lost his patience and composure and he just ran into something that caused him the consequences. He ran into Machida's elusive trap and got hit hard with a dart punch. Machida's timing was perfect as this caused Ryan to collapsed and was seemingly unconscious while hitting the canvass.

However the biggest mistake that Ryan Bader had done was to fight Machida on stand. He could have grappled his way and attempted to take down Lyoto. And then bring the fight on the ground since he has a good ground and pound game.

Well with this fight I bet Machida would have another title shot on Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight belt. Which Jon Jones is still successful defending it over elite and former champions.