Friday, August 30, 2013

Anderson Silva: Who is Floyd Mayweather?

Anderson "The Spider" Silva was clear on his joke that he was disrespecting the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"Who is this guy? Mayweather what?" Silva said this when answering a question from Sway Calloway . 

This guy is, uh, Smurfy? Is he a Smurf?" Silva continued with another joke.
"I don't know this guy,"

Anderson Silva kept adding more jokes as the conversation went on. And Silva said and direct statement that he doesn't respect Floyd.

"I don't need to talk too much because the guy don't respect me…Sorry, I don't respect Mayweather."

This is very clear that Silva was offended by Mayweather for not respecting him. And who else would not be when you are on Silva's side. Floyd had been talking trash taking to other athlete's from Pacquiao and now to Silva.

It's clear also that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a person who talks a lot and likes to disrespect other athlete's. This time it's on Silva but it would be the person you don't want to piss off with. Silva was like trolling on his answers and showing that not a bit of respect on Floyd.

Anderson Silva is also a trash talker but he respects most of his opponents. He maybe cocky inside the octagon and sometimes being overconfident. But when it comes to respecting others and his opponents He shows a down to earth approach.

The one that made me LOL! was the PAPA SMURF thing. I didn't realize Silva was a joker for saying that punchline. I couldn't imagine the reaction of Calloway in fact it was damn priceless.

If both of this fighters will fight and collide inside the ring. I am pretty sure Silva would come out as the victorious one. Boxing is a totally different sport when it comes to MMA and Floyd would end up battered and beaten down.


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