Friday, August 16, 2013

Phil Davis doesn't want a rematch from Lyoto Machida

I came across and read this funny statement from Phil Davis that he doesn't want a rematch from Lyoto Machida. On their last fight Phil Davis won via unanimous decision and shocked the home crowed including Lyoto Machida last UFC 163.

Machida was winning all 3 rounds but when the fight went to the distance and in the hands of the judges Phil Davis was the winner. And now Davis is not interested in having a rematch with Machida which is really a wrong move for him.

Instead of accepting the rematch and prove to his fans and to the UFC that he is better than Lyoto. He refused the offer instead made this statement.

I have 12 wins, 11 wins (Davis’ record is 12-1 with 1 no contest), all those guys want rematches,” Davis said on Monday’s MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. “You’re not the first person who wants a rematch. You fight every fight like this. You fight close fights. Name one fight that he didn’t finish where he beat the crap out of somebody.”

“You live by that sword, you die by that sword,” said Davis. “When you habitually leave it to the judges, that strategy will fail you. I can’t say it any other way.”

Seriously how in the world did Phil Davis won that last fight between him and Machida. It was clear on the replay's and highlights that Machida was the person dominating and dictating the game. Defending all his take downs at the same time hitting Davis with those accurate counter attacks.

On Machida's side he wanted a rematch and even obliged to go to a 5 round match. Since Machida has nothing to prove about this rematch since he won that last fight. But for him this rematch is about redemption and redeeming is name that he can defeat Davis at any cost.


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