Saturday, August 17, 2013

Chael Sonnen Submits Mauricio Shogun Rua

Chael Sonnen vs Mauricio Shogun Rua

Chael Sonnen defeats Mauricio Shogun Rua via submission(guillotine choke) late in the first round. As Sonnen established his dominance over the former light heavyweight champion Shogun Rua.

Round 1

Chael Sonnen immediately attempted a take down and was successful on it. As Sonnen was starting to establish himself Shogun Rua tried to sneak and switched their positions. Now this time Sonnen was on the ground as Rua successfully completed his own take down.

But not for long when Sonnen was able to control the phase and was on top again on Shogun Rua. Sonnen began to dominate and implement his ground and pound game. Sonnen grind and kept the fight on the ground as he uses his wrestling skills to his advantage.

As Sonnen continues to dictate the ground game while controlling the fight. Then Sonnen was able to perform a tight guillotine choke that Rua wasn't able to defend it. The choke was so tight that Rua's attempt to break free failed.

Referee Herb Dean stopped the fight after Mauricio Shogun Rua tapped out and declared Sonnen as the winner of the fight.

Recation of the match

Sonnen did just right on this fight since he knows his bread and butter would be the wrestling field. Added with his great cardio and good ground and pound skills. If Sonnen didn't bring the fight on the ground it would have been a different story or result.

We all know how Mauricio Shogun Rua is good on his strikings and on stand up matches. Shogun has that knockout power from his punches and kicks. So what Sonnen's game plan was really impressive that's why he got this win.

Alistair Overeem vs Travis Browne

Round 1
Alistair Overeem started the first round with aggressiveness. As Alistair unleashed his vicious punches and was able to grab Travis then attempted a knee on him.  But in return Travis responded with a flying knee but Alistair was able to defend it.

Travis throw a swing punch that made him off his balance. Alistair then immediately approach and attempted a guillotine choke. Travis was able to break free from the choke but Alistair throw a vicious knee to the body. This caused Travis to kneel down while Alistair capitalized on the situation as Alistair continues to strike his punches.

Alistair Continues to fury his punches mixed with a knee to the body. As Travis was hanging on and trying to get outlast the berserk attack of Alistair. With a series of punches and knees connecting to the head of Travis  the referee didn't step up to stop the fight.

Alistair tried to clinch Travis after landing several knees to the body. But this time it was Travis time to do some payback. Travis realized Alistair was slowing down and started to wear out.

Both fighters were exhausted and were seemingly exchanging one two punches. While Travis would try to hit Alistair with those head kicks.

Travis continues to do those head kicks which would soon start to land on Alistair. Travis would hit Alistair in the chin that would cause a serious damage. And as soon as Alistair would fall on the canvass Travis would immediately hit Alistair with hammer fist.  The referee would stop Travis and would declare him the winner via TKO.

Reaction to the Match

When I watched this fight I was like watching the same match between Alistair vs Big Foot Silva. I am glad that the referee didn't stop the fight early. Since Travis was still in the game the moment Alistair was trying to finish the match. 

Kudos to Travis for hanging and outlasting the storm that was brought by Alistair. And also made a great recovery and immediately took matters in the same round. 

For Alistair he really needs to develop another dimension of his game. Probably some defense and head movements or a ground and pound game. He also needs composure and patience when it comes to finishing his opponents.


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