Friday, August 23, 2013

Allen Iverson Officially Retires

The former Nba MVP(2001) Allen "The Answer" Iverson officially retires as a professional basketball player. One of the most exciting players to ever played in the Nba formally retires. Allen Iverson last played was 2010 under his first team the Philadelphia Sixers.

After a 1 season deal Iverson he was not able to get a new contract. And on 2010-2011 Iverson played in Besiktas Turkey and signed a $4 million deal.

One of the most best ankle breakers to ever played would be missed. He was such a good ball handler and a blitz of a second he could go coast to coast. Known for his crossover signature moves and lightning fast movements. Allen Iverson captured the hearts of many Nba fans during his prime days.

You could just imagine how he crossover those opponents leaving them on the floor. Or throw those fancy passes to his teammates for an ally-oop. This makes the crowd go crazy and wild the moment Iverson would try to take over the game.

The best part of him was that he has his own signature moves. That killer crossover that's simply ridiculous to guard and tame. Plus he is very competitive and determined to win no matter how big his enemies are. He will just try to attack the basket and get fouls to make contact.

That's why Iverson are one of the few players in the NBA to suffer a lot of injuries during his
professional career.

I thought Allen Iverson would have another great comeback maybe for just 1 season or 2. But lately he was in sort of financial problems and issues. So the fans were really expecting for him to comeback but it was just all false hyped. And I hope he will be a future hall of famer.

Some of the awards that Iverson achieved during his professional career:
  • NBA Rookie of the year(1997)
  • NBA All Rookie First Team(1997)
  • 11 NBA All Star(2000-2010)
  • 2x NBA All Star MVP(2001,2005)
  • 4x NBA Scoring Champion(1999, 2001,2002,2005)
  • 3x NBA Steal Leader(2001-2003)
  • 3x NBA First Team(1999,2001,2005)
  • 3x NBA Second Team(2000,2002,2003)
  • NBA All Third Team(2006)
  • NBA Most Valuable Player(2001)
  • 1996-2006 = Philadelphia 76ers
  • 2006-2008 = Denver Nuggets
  • 2008-2009 = Detroit Pistons
  • 2009 = Memphis Grizzlies
  • 2009 - 2010 = Philadelphia 76ers
  • 2010 - 2011 = Besiktas (Turkey)

Olympic Games
Bronze = 2004 Athens United States

FIBA Americas Championship
Gold = 2003 San Juan United States

Summer Universiade
Gold = 1995 Fukuoka United States

Awards and Medal Sources:


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