Sunday, July 8, 2012

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UFC 148 Anderson Silva TKO Chael Sonnen

Anderson Silva is still the undisputed UFC pound for pound middleweight champion after he stopped Chael Sonnen on the 2nd round. Silva won the match via TKO after he demonstrated great defense and determination to dominate over his enemy.

Round 1
Chael was aggressive and was very successful in taking down the champion Anderson Silva to the ground. Sonnen established himself and stick to the plan of grounding and pounding Silva. The whole round 1 it was Sonnen who dominated it as he wrestled and took round 1.

Round 2
Silva changed his strategy and improved his defense by denying Chael Sonnen's take down attempts. He was very successful and both fighters traded some punches and kicks. Chael Sonnen attempted some take down again on Silva but the champ succeeded in defending it. When Sonnen missed a strong turning fist attack on Silva that caught him out balanced. Silva knew it was the chance he would strike and build momentum.

As Sonnen was trying to recover from his balance Silva was going after him to release some assault attacks. Silva managed to connect and was starting to build momentum with berserk punches and kicks. Sonnen could not handle it and went down to the canvass were Silva poured more attacks on his head. And then the referee interfered and stopped the fight declaring Silva the winner.


Chael Sonnen lost his game plan and was in a hurry. He could have come up with a better approach and that caused him a miserable mistake. Plus Silva easily predicted his attack so that's why Silva easily evaded it. Sonnen would have won if he was not that careless since Silva is really tricky.

Silva on the other hand is still invisible when it comes to this weight division. He easily eludes and evades all kinds of attacks that the enemy is throwing at him. At the same time Silva would gave his enemy a taste of his counter striking. Silva's striking attack is one of the best in UFC since it's very accurate and destructive.

Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffin

The fight of the night went to both Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin as they fight for the third time of there UFC careers. The hall of famer Tito Ortiz showed he has still that relentless attacks and pro take downs that he successfully applied of Forrest Griffin. Tito was able to take down Forrest Griffin on the early rounds.

But Forrest was just relentless as he was and would connect with punches and leg kicks. Tito also caught Forrest Griffin with rocking punches that wobbled Griffin. But Griffin was just as tough as he could ever be. There were some occasions that Ortiz would connect with solid punches that rocked Griffin.

And on the later rounds both fighters would exchange attacks but it was Griffin who was more aggressive and would landed more shots. As the fight continues Griffin keep establishing himself with those significant attacks. When the fight went to distance and was on the scoring card it was Forrest Griffin who would win the match via unanimous decision.