Sunday, August 25, 2013

Is Manny Pacquiao really Broke?

A lot of rumors out their are going viral that the former pound for pound champion Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is broke. Issues like these are now everywhere from media to social networking sites. Now this bankruptcy issue that Pacquiao is facing is really not gonna help him on his next fight with Rios.

Instead of hyping and promoting his next game vs Brandon Rios Pacquiao is facing a different media exposure. A close friend triggered this issue when Rex "Wakee" Salud said that Pacquiao's money was already gone.

Cebuano:"Di lang kay nahurothurot, hurot gyud! "
English: He did not just lose his money, he lost all of it

And then Rex Wakee Salud denied after media questioned him and this was his new statement:

Tagalog: Wala akong sinabi na ganun. Pinalaki lang nung writer 
English: I didn’t say anything like that. The writer merely exaggerated it

Tagalog: Ang sabi ko lang … baka medyo gipit. Kasi isang taon nang walang laban, nanibago yung lifestyle. Pero hindi ko sinabi na bangkarote na.
English: maybe he's a bit short. Because he hasn’t fought for a year now, he changed his lifestyle. But I didn’t say he's bankrupt

If you want to promote a fight for a friend this is not the right way. This would seemingly lost someone's interest to fight. And also the fans would think another hidden agenda since people would generally say. A MUST WIN FOR PACQUIAO BECAUSE HE NEEDS MONEY. or on the other hand "He is fighting for the money and not for the sport anymore".

These are just some common perspective that people would conclude the moment Pacquiao and Rios would collide. With all due respect to Pacquiao he is a great and kind person who helps a lot to his countrymen.

I saw a video that Pacquiao gave some of his money to their neighbors. He also donated some of his money from calamity victims without hesitation.

Here are some of them that are even captured by the news and media networks:

In my points of view I don't really agree that Manny is broke. I know that his wife Jinkee Pacquiao knows how to handle and take care their properties including Pacquiao's money.


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