Monday, April 16, 2012

Brian Stann KO Alessio Sakara.

Brian Stann won another impressive victory on UFC fuel in Sweden against Alessio Sakara. Stann Landed a vicious punch in the middle of the first round. And that punch landed to serve Alessio Sakara a knock out. Stann immediately noticed that he hit hard on his opponent and he stopped right away. While the referee was fast approaching to stop the fight and check on the condition of Alessio Sakara.

Brian Stann made a good momentum when the fight started. He connected with some series of punches and kicks. While Alessio Sakara also managed to counter some attacks made by Stann. But it would be Brian who would continue to dominate as he landed excellent knees in the face of Sakara. The moment Stann made a clinch and succeeded in throwing those knees that was the moment Sakara was in trouble. After several knee attempts Sakara was caught down and Stann immediately capitalize and moved to a dominant position.


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