Sunday, May 27, 2012

UFC 147 Results

Frank Mir Vs Junior Dos Santos

Round 1
Frank Mir was in great rhythm as he was able to hit Junior Dos Santos with heavy left leg kicks. And also Frank Mir attempted to take down Dos Santos in the early minutes but failed to do so. But in the dying minutes Dos Santos landed a strong body shot and also a strong right hand in the face of Frank Mir that wobbled Mir. And as soon as Dos Santos realize he hurt Mir he unleashed some strong and heavy punch combinations.

Round 2
In this round it was clear that Junior Dos Santos was all warmed up and full of deadly strikes to unleash. But Frank Mir was though as he can ever be. As the champ showcase his vicious power strikes that caught Frank Mir lying in the canvass several times. And in dying minutes Dos Santos landed another strong punch and took advantage of the hurt Mir. The referee then immediately interfere and declared Dos Santos as the winner via TKO. And Junior Dos Santos is still the UFC Heavyweight champion.

Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Silva - TKO

Round 1
Cain Velasquez was making a statement that he is still one of those quick and deadly heavyweights in his division. And also Cain quickly established himself by successfully taking down Antonio Silva. When both fighters were in the ground Cain continued his ground and pound strategy. Cain managed to cut Silva in the eye that caused a serious bleeding. As the round continues more blood was getting out from the cut and wound of Silva. The referee had to stop and check Silva's condition and the doctor on Silva's side propose to continue the fight.

When the fight resumes Velasquez continues his ground and pound punishment on Silva. And when Antonio Silva was caught with two straight punches that landed in his face he could not defend himself any more. And when Velasquez capitalized on that scene pouring more punches the referee then interfere and stopped the fight. The referee declared Cain Velasquez as the winner via TKO.

Lavar Johnson vs Stefan Sturve - Arm Bar Submission

Round 1
When Lavar was being attacked with vicious power from Stefan Sturve he kept his defense and composure. And a soon as he was able to gain control of the fight Lavar then established his plans by taking down Stefan in the ground. And Lavar slowly implemented his technique and caught Stefan with an armbar that Lavar broke it.

Nelson vs Herman - TKO

Round 1

Herman was using his range by setting up range kicks he tries to stay away from Roy Nelson. But Roy Nelson is also measuring his distance and power by anticipating and calculating his moves. When the clock hits 4:11 Roy Nelson landed a strong right hand punch in the head of Herman. And immediately this was the turning point and resulted to a great TKO win by Nelson. As soon as Herman was caught on that huge right hand. Herman's legs was just out of power and was almost unconscious when he received that power punch from Nelson.


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