Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PBA Brawl San Mig Coffee vs Global Port

The game between San Mig Coffee Mixers and Global Port turned to fist fight. With 8:11 mins remaining in the 3rd quarter troubled erupted on both teams. Mark Pingris got into a brawl with Kelly Nabong.

Full video of the fight below:

Here are some of the decisions that the committee came up with.

Marqus Blakely(#23) - Foul
Marvin Hayes(#12) - Foul, Technical Foul
Joe Devance(#38) - Technical Foul for second motion
Marc Pingris(#15) - Out for Fighting
Kelly Nabong(#23) - Out for Fighting

Seriously it was Joe Devance who made the entire scenario worse. He shoved and pushed Marvin Hayes and that triggered the riot.

But this calls bestowed were effective on that game. While following more sanctions will follow after the officials will review the entire brawl.

I hope players will get the sanctions they deserve for causing all these havoc. And also the officials would review it thoroughly.


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