Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frankie Edgar Defends his Title(UFC 136)

Frankie Edgar successfully defended his title over his opponent Gray Maynard. Frankie Edgar was in a bad shape but outwit the storm and did a great comeback.

Round 1:
Gray Maynard connected a solid uppercut that rocked Frankie Edgar. As Gray Maynard capitalized to the hurt champion and continued his swarm of attacks. Edgar was as thought as he was and was still standing after receiving serious blows and strikes from Maynard.

Gray Maynard also connected with a vicious knee that broke Frankie Edgar's nose late in the dying time of the first round. The first round belongs to Gray Maynard as the

busted and wounded face of Frankie Edgar was all he could have to end the round.
Round 2-3:
Frankie Edgar manage to be back in game as he finds and builds his rhythm via series of combo punches. Gray Maynard could not also capitalize and was not able to end the fight in both two rounds. Edgar manage to recover from round 1 and 2 and continues to show Maynard his boxing skills.

Round 4:
As the dying minutes of the fight Frankie Edgar landed a right upper cut after a failed take down that wobbled Gray Maynard. As Frankie Edgar realizes he hurt Maynard he then unleashed a series of furious blows that knocked Maynard Face first in the floor. And then the referee stopped the fight and declared Edgar as the winner.

Indeed it was a great and unbelievable comeback from the champion Frankie Edgar and he could have not have been more satisfied of the outcome of the fight.


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